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Published: Volume 8, Spring 2010




We are proud to present the eighth volume of Pensées! Hard copies will be distributed to Canadian universities in the coming fall. In the meantime, you can take a look at the online version.






What is Pensées?




Literally, “pensées” means “thoughts” in French. But that wasn’t (quite) the answer you were looking for. As a student of philosophy, you know that there’s more to the meaning of a word than simply what it denotes. Let’s make some sense of it.


Entering its ninth year as Canada’s undergraduate philosophy journal, Pensées was started by and continues to be run by McGill undergraduate students. The aim of Pensées is to showcase academic excellence by exposing Canadians across the country to undergraduate papers in philosophy of the highest standard. This will strengthen the academic reputation of Canadian philosophy departments both within Canada and abroad.


To this end, Pensées expects to print and distribute several hundred copies throughout Canadian universities each year. The publication typically includes five papers written by Canadian undergraduate students and an interview with a distinguished Canadian philosopher. To reflect the diversity of philosophical interests, an effort is made to publish papers from different branches of philosophy. We welcome submissions in either English or French, and authors from minority or underrepresented groups.


This is a rare opportunity for the brightest minds of our generation to share creative and original work with others. We are confident that Pensées can help foster this spirit, one that is a hallmark of any liberal arts education, and indeed of any university education.


Past Publications


Volume 8, Spring 2010


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Call for Submissions



Submissions to Pensées should be A-range papers between 10 to 25 pages in length, although we welcome well-written papers of any length. The papers most likely to be published are those that convincingly argue for an original thesis with both clarity and precision. We welcome submissions in English or French, as well as authors from minority or underrepresented groups.


Note. Pensées typically issues its first call for submissions in the fall of each year.


Call for Editors



Editors for Pensées play an important role by reading and reviewing submissions. We welcome applications from well-qualified undergraduate and graduate students in a philosophy program at a Canadian university. Applicants should have a solid background in philosophy—in both breadth and depth—demonstrated by a range of philosophy courses. Applicants should also declare areas of interest, so that we can send relevant submissions to the people most in the know. All editors will be given due credit in the journal.


Note. Pensées typically issues its call for editors in the fall of each year.


Financial Contributions



Making a Financial Contribution


Pensées actively seeks financial contributions from within McGill University, with which we are affiliated, universities across Canada, and the Canadian Philosophical Association.

We welcome financial contributions in cash or cheque payable to “Pensées Canadiennes” sent to our mailing address,


Pensées Canadiennes

Department of Philosophy, McGill University

Room 908, Leacock Building

855 Sherbrooke St. West, Montreal, QC H3A 2T7.


If you have any questions, please contact us at We will be happy to provide you with previous copies of the journal, the latest budget, an invoice, and a letter from our bank certifying that we are registered as not-for-profit. All financial contributors will be given due credit in the journal.


Thank you for your contributions!


Past Financial Contributors


Volume 8, Spring 2010


At McGill, we are delighted to receive support from the Philosophy Students’ Association, the Arts Undergraduate Society, the Students’ Society of McGill University, the Dean of Arts Development Fund, the Alumni Association, as well as the Department of Philosophy.








Outside of McGill, we are proud to recognize the contributions of philosophy departments at Queen’s University, Simon Fraser University, the University of Saskatchewan, and the University of Toronto. We are also pleased to be receiving support from the Canadian Philosophical Association.


Editorial Board



Volume 8, Spring 2010




Trevor Bant (McGill)

Andy Yu (McGill)




Allison Boutillier (Alberta)

Taylor Clarke (SFU)

Zoé Gagnon-Paquin (McGill)

Fahd Husain (McGill)

Daria Saryan (Concordia)

Justin Tessier (Windsor)

Justin Zylstra (Guelph)


Copy Editor


Daniele Degano




Trevor Bant

Alicia Cambell-Duruflé

Catherine Chiabaut

Zoé Gagnon-Paquin

Léa Ringuette


Cover Artist


Kari Beddall







Philosophy Students’ Association, McGill University




Canadian Philosophical Association


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