Buddy Program

This year, the PSA is going to start offering third and fourth year philosophy students as "buddies" to incoming McGill philosophy students, or those simply considering philosophy, as a way to make the transition from CEGEP or high school a little easier and also to provide an additional human face to the department. Our goal is to provide an informal and non-stressful channel for new students to ask questions, express concerns, and hopefully benefit from those who have been in the department for a few years. Please feel free to email us at

Tutorial Service

Since Fall 2010, we have started providing academic support for students in PHIL 210 – Introduction to Deductive Logic 1. The standard hourly rate is $15 per one student for an individual tutorial, though a lower rate may be discussed for a small group of students. During the exam period, tutors also organize review sessions to answer questions students may have. Please note that the PSA only coordinates the service, and does not accept any payment.

Please contact the tutorial service coordinators ( for Fall 2011 if you'd like to participate in the service. If you'd like to tutor, please confirm that you've received a grade of A in PHIL 210 – Introduction to Deductive Logic 1 and/or PHIL 310 – Intermediate Logic, and include your availability. Previous tutoring experience is an asset. If you'd like tutoring, please include your contact information and availability.

Guide To Philosophy at McGill

New to philosophy? Check out a brochure we've prepared for new undergraduate students interested in philosophy. It's available in both English and French.